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How can water damage your home ?

What kind of water damage can you have in your house? Lots of different kinds.    As an insurance broker, I can tell you that most water damage comes from burst pipes, sewer back up, cracks that develop in the caulking and sealing around bathtubs … [Read more]

How can my credit score affect the cost of my home insurance

Most insurance companies in Canada & the United States find that policyholders with good credit ratings (i.e. good credit scores) have fewer and less severe claims. As a result, insurers are looking for clients with good credit ratings, and they … [Read more]

What do you do when you aren’t happy with your home insurance claim

One of our long time clients, Robert, had a water damage claim on his home insurance almost a year ago. We thought the claim had been proceeding satisfactorily, but it turned out that it had not. Water had leaked from Roberts kitchen, and damaged … [Read more]

Home Insurance Discounts

Would you like to save money on your home insurance premiums ? Although there are some pricing/rating factors that may be out of your control (we discussed these in our earlier blog  Factors that determine your home insurance rate ) there are many … [Read more]

Important factors that impact your home insurance rate

There are many factors that go into making up the premium for home insurance.  These are known as rating factors. We will talk about the discounts and the factors that increase your price in a later blog.  Today we will focus on some basic factors … [Read more]

Welcome to Home Insurance in Toronto’s Blog !

Hard to believe, but we've finally got our blog setup. This seems like a great way to talk about home insurance in Toronto. Interesting topics that we'll cover in later blogs include sewer backup, installing sewer backup valves & sump pumps to … [Read more]