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Condo Coverage Tailored to You

As a condo owner, your insurance needs are unique. While your condo association insurance will cover the common areas of the building, coverage for your unit will likely be limited to its exterior walls. Let us ensure that you have all the insurance you need on your condo unit owner policy to prevent unnecessary financial losses.


Coverage for your personal property, including items in your closets and storage areas.

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Protection against personal liability for injuries and damage in or around your condo unit.

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Temporary Relocation

Additional living expenses, in the case that you are forced to leave your condo because of a loss.

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Ask about saving, with multiline coverage by combining your condominium insuranceinsurance with your auto insurance and more

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Contents Coverage

As a condo owner, you should have and maintain a comprehensive condo insurance policy that covers damage to your personal possessions as well as to any renovations or upgrades you've made to the unit.

Standard Policy - Named Perils Coverage on Contents

Named-Perils coverage includes a list of specific dangers that your policy will insure you against. The perils that most commonly occur in condos include flooding due to leaks, overflows, and pipes bursting, vandalism, and fire/smoke.

Comprehensive Policy - All Risk on Contents

All-risk contents coverage insures your belongings inside your home from all perils, other than any specifically excluded from your policy. This is the most common type of coverage because it offers the most protection, especially from unforeseeable events.


Liability is a legal responsibility. Liability Insurance protects you from having to pay damages to people if you've been found responsible for unintentionally injuring them or damaging their property.

While a condo association's insurance typically includes liability coverage, it generally only applies if someone is injured in the common areas, such as the lobby, hallway, or elevator.

Examples of liability risks:

  • If someone slips on a carpet inside your condo unit, breaking their hip, and it prevents them from working, you may be liable their lost wages.
  • If you moved a piece of furniture into your condo, accidentally scratching the wall or another unit's door, your liability insurance would cover the costs of repair.

Temporary Relocation

If you are forced to leave your condo because of a loss, this coverage pays for your reasonable and necessary expenses to temporarily live away from home. Hotel and food costs are the type of expenses that would be covered under such circumstances. There is usually a limit on this kind of coverage.

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